And…Action! (not “Auction!”). To list a list is not possible in Danish.

When the company is PayPal, an eBay company, getting “an action” past the translators can be challenging, as all around us are “auctions” . 🙂
“Please select an action” has a few times become “Please select an auction” in translation.
And speaking of auctions and online selling, the English word “a listing” is very hard to translate. To the English-speaker it clearly stands for an item listed (or, in other words: put up) for sale. In Danish we have a word for the noun “a list” (en liste), but no single word verb for “inserting an item into a list”. We read lists and we publish lists, but when we “list” in Danish, i.e use the verb “at liste”, we sneak up on something or someone on our tippie-toes and are typically up to no good… 🙂

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