Arbeit macht rewards

“How rewards work” was translated to “Sådan belønnes arbejde” , meaning: “This is how work is rewarded”.  Which brings up some eerie associations with the signs that used to adorn the entrances to Nazi concentration camps… 🙁
This again is an instance of a translation ambiguity starting with English having exactly the same word for the verb and the noun, here: “Reward”. Interestingly enough, in this case we DO have a similar pairing in Danish with the verb “belønne” and the noun “belønning”, except the latter is a bit old-fashioned and not used in context with modern-day Credit Card rewards programs and such. In modern Danish we use the verb “belønner” with the nouns “bonusprogram” or “præmieprogram”. So, a good translation would be: “Sådan virker bonusprogrammet”.

A domestic relations matter is not the opposite of a foreign relations matter (in this case)

The “domestic relations matter” in the sentence “Except as expressly permitted in writing, Reward Points and awards are not transferable or assignable under any circumstances, including (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter, or (iii) otherwise by operation of law.”  was translated as the opposite of “foreign relations matter”, which it obviously also can be, however not in this case, where it actually refers to a divorce and such. Probably formulating the English sentence as “…(ii) as part of a divorce settlement or property division…” would have been significantly better.

So, the translation became “Medmindre det udtrykkeligt er tilladt skriftligt af banken, kan præmiepoint og bonusser ikke overføres eller tildeles under nogen omstændigheder, herunder ved (i) død, (ii) som en del af nationale forhold, eller (iii) ellers i kraft af loven.”
It should have been: “…(ii) som følge af skilsmisse eller ejendomsfordeling,…”

Tricky Reward Rules. There’s no airplane-class on a coach, but there’s a coach-class on an airplane

“Cardholders may redeem Reward Points for a scheduled airline ticket”.
In Danish a regularly flown airline-route is NOT a scheduled flight, it is a “route-flight”. Therefore a direct translation to “Kortindehavere kan indløse præmiepoint for en planlagt flybillet” actually means in Danish something like “Cardholders may redeem Reward Points for a planned airline ticket”. The correct translation is: “Kortindehavere kan indløse præmiepoint for en ruteflybillet”.

This one is hilarious: “Tickets will be non-refundable and non-changeable coach class tickets” was translated to: “Billetter vil ikke refunderes, og busbilletter kan ikke ændres”, which means “Tickets will not be refunded and bustickets cannot be changed” . How did Bustickets get in there? Well, think of the other meaning of Coach…
The correct translation is: “Billetter vil være ikke-refunderbare og ikke-omskiftelige turistklasse (eller Coach-class) biletter”.