Sounds like the same word in both languages — but it’s not.

While many words in English and Danish share similar roots, spelling and meanings, of course some others just look very similar to each other — but mean completely different things:

English –> Danish:

Husk –> Skal, avne
Remember–> Husk

Men –> Mænd
But  –> Men

Fed –> Fodrede, bespiste
Fat –> Fed

Where is the danger? –> Hvor er faren?
Where is the father?   –> Hvor er faren? [yes, it’s exactly the same as the sentence above. Further context would actually be needed to decipher the proper meaning in Danish! 🙂 ]

To stick to each other –> At klæbe sammen
Poke with a needle –> Stikke med en nål  [interesting that the English verb “stick” keeps things together, while the Danish “stik” acts as more of a separating action…]

Gift –> Gave
Married –> Gift
Poison –> Gift

God is mad –> Gud er vred
Good ice, food –> God is, mad


Divine ece cream god-mad-let-at-lave-8_-rev_-udg__133644



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